Student dress should promote a safe respectful learning environment. 
*Shoes must be appropriate for a safe and active day. 
*Running shoes are a must in all gym activities. 
*Students may also need to wear specified gym clothes, which are necessary for safety (i.e., during gymnastics: shorts, t-
 shirts and runners)

The following are inappropriate and unacceptable:  

*Profanity on clothing including shirts and hats  Suggestive cartoons or drawings on clothing 
*Slogans promoting the use of drugs, alcohol or violence on clothing 
*Derogatory, gender-based, or racial comments on clothing 
*Revealing clothing such as short shorts/skirts, tube tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps on tops, clothes that expose the midriff and chest (NOTE: shorts under short skirts are not acceptable) 
*Underwear must not be showing Please assist your child in making the appropriate dress choices each day. Short skirts and/or shorts are not appropriate for our program that involves Quality Daily Fitness. Students need to be prepared every day to be active, to perhaps sit on the floor, and to move around the classroom. Please help us create a learning environment that is similar to the expectations of any workplace. 

NOTE: Students who do not follow the dress code will be asked to change or call home for a change of clothing. If a student is unable to provide a change of clothes, a school T-shirt will be provided for the day. Please return this shirt, laundered, the following day. Many thanks!