FM is a busy place!  We have a wide variety of co-curriculars available for our students and we invite students to participate in these various activities to enrich their whole-school experience!

Thank you to all our staff who volunteer their time to provide these varied opportunities for our students. Please remind your child/children to listen to announcements for meeting times.

Florence Meares Co-Curriculars




Cross Country

Indoor Track and Field

Jr. & Sr. Volleyball

Jr. & Sr. Basketball

Pr. Intramurals

Relay Team

Sr. Soccer

Terry Fox Walk

Track and Field

Sr. Volleyball Intramurals

Dance Club

Gr 4 Recorder Karate

Int. Band

Pr. Choir

Jr. Choir

Int. Ensemble


Chess Club

Forest of Reading Club


Hair Club

Jr. & Sr. Battle of the Books

Lego Club

Knitting Club

Me to We

Read and Relax

Tech Team

Hour of Code